Bongs: The Smoker’s Definitive Friend

Bongs in white background
Source: NE Connected

Dab rigs as well as bongs are the peak of smoking marijuana and also serve not only as the most excellent way to produce a perfectly sleek smoking experience but also one of the most excellent means to show your personality. It has been in existence over decades and centuries, ever since the foremost cannabis consumer had a very optimistic knowledge of trying to sieve smoke through water. So, exactly that is also referred to as water pipes – spectacular from other smoking tools. All the smoke is sieved via water – occasionally in a very intricate as well as fascinating ways – before you take it in, resulting to a much evener, less severe, cooler and above all more pleasurable smoking experience.

Pleasurable and Pleasant Features You Need Know About Bongs

  • It Capture Ash as well as Tar: when you are consuming a cigarette, joint, blunt or cigar – you take in ashes as well as tar into your lungs. Immediately you smoke via water pipe, and the water captures all of the tar and ashes. You will now have to clean your bong frequently, but it is better when it is in your bong water rather than in your lungs!
  • Smooth Smoke: the technology is relatively innovative, with so many percolators which produce smaller streams of bubbles that sieves through the water with more surface area, cooling and sieving them down to make your consumption very even or smooth.
  • Cool Rips: there are also ices that capture many of our dab rigs as well as permitting the smoke to pass over the ice and further cools off with just water, providing you with the calm smoking encounter of your life – factually!
  • Minimizes any harmful effects of smokes: sieving smoke via water removes a lot of the harmful bacteria and carcinogens that might be in the smoke, drastically reducing the opportunities of cancer or any other diseases from affecting the consumer.
  • Self – Expression: if you eventually decide to smoke with it every day, and if you also want something that shows who you are, and it came in so many different sizes, colors, shapes, and styles, so you are opportune to choose the ideal one to suit your lifestyle.

How to Pick Your Bong

When it comes to choosing it, the sky is your stepping stone! There have been so many developments in styles that anything you can imagine has probably already been completed.
There are numerous percolators, which is intended to produce streams of bubbles – few of them pass through various hollows prior to inhaling them, or even around “swiss-cheese” design holes in the glass which sprinkle the bubbles passing through the water and making the stream of bubbles finer before they get to the surface.

There are also ice catchers where you can put your ice to further cool off your smoke, squish guards to deter water from squelching into the stem, and water line markers to endeavor your bong is not overfilled. All these are done to give you the most excellent smoking encounter, but it is a matter of choice.


To wrap it up, you can decide to pick the bong that suits you. Something that expresses you as a smoker. If all you want is to have the smoothest smoking encounter so far, then visit to get an idea of what you want.