Top Weed Pipes of 2019 Reviewed

Weed Pipes Canada
Source: Weed Maps

One of the best methods for CBD consumption is using a traditional pipe. The method is recommended for both, those smoking weed for recreational purpose and those who use it for medicinal use. These pipes can be water pipes, one-hitters or traditional pipes. Here are some of our best picks to help you find the right marijuana pipe if you want to indulge in cannabis consumption. 

Dugout Pipe

This popular one-hitter is simple to use and features a traditional slider lid design that lets you carry it anywhere you like. It has a clean design and natural teak wood construction. To use this pipe, you just need to slide the lid to find the compartment where you put the herb. Another compartment is where you dip the bat and load it with weed to fire up. You can place the lid back to store your herb for the next day. It easily fits in your pocket to carry discreetly. It is definitely a tiny little marijuana pipe for anybody interested in some good hits. 

Acrylic Pipe

Using an acrylic pipe has a number of advantages. Such a pipe is long-lasting, safe and durable. Most acrylic pipes are portable and you can carry them anywhere you go. It is a pipe you can use when you want to smoke with your friends. The pipe features a drum-shaped body and is quite easy to use with small hands as well. It has a stable base and acrylic mouthpiece with a sturdy stem which is adjustable. Offering a modern touch to your weed experience, this durable pipe is safe and easy to use. The design is efficient and you can use it regularly for smoking with your friends. 

Wood Pipe

One of the most compact weed pipes available, the wood pipe is crafted using wood and metal accents. This cannabis pipe is made by connecting two wooden parts with a metallic component. Though small and discreet, this pipe is easy to load and use. It is very easy to prepare the load with this pipe so that you can smoke on the go. As the wood and metal parts detach from one another, the pipe is really simple to clean. It fits conveniently in your pocket and hand. This is a perfect accessory to share marijuana with friends. 

Funguys Pipe

This pipe offers you a way to live your fun life while enjoying marijuana. The Funguys Pipe features a straight tube design with poly-resin. You can hold it easily grabbing the mushroom shape on the pipe. It has some metal parts which can be detached for easy cleaning. This is one of those Weed Canada Pipes which are easy to load and use. Loading the bowl is quite easy. All the parts are removable and so it is easy to clean. It is a pipe with an interesting design and great for smoking alone or in a group.

Glass Pipe

A pipe with an elegant and intricate design, the glass pipe is beautiful in appearance and hence worth adding to your cannabis collection. Watching the smoke pass through the glass with bends and twists is really fun. It features a dual coil design which not just adds to the aesthetic value but also cools down the smoke to deliver you a clean hit. The pipe is designed to be placed conveniently on a surface without tumbling over.