What are the Different Ways to Consume Cannabis?

Smoking Cannabis Canada
Source: Fox 10 Phoenix

When talking about the consumption of cannabis, the most important consideration after the weed itself is the method of delivery. Getting the most of the physical and mental benefits of cannabis depends largely upon how it is consumed, with each method delivering its own unique experience and effects. However, this aspect is often overlooked as consumers limit their experimentation to one or two known methods. There are three basic methods of cannabis consumption – oral, topical and inhalation. There are different techniques under these methods serving various functions, each suiting a host of different occasions. 

Let us talk about the inhalation methods of cannabis delivery:

When CBD is inhaled, it enters the lungs before getting absorbed into the bloodstream. The two main types of inhalation methods popular today are vaporization and smoking. While there are many traditional methods to smoke cannabis, advances in vaporization technology have offered healthier alternatives to consumers. Even Magic Mushrooms Canada is involved in smoking. Shroomers normally mix shroom pieces with tobacco and cannabis for a more joint-like experience. Cannabis enthusiasts can choose from a variety of devices including rolling papers, water pipes, hand pipes, hookahs and single-use homemade devices, each delivering unique experience of inhalation. 

Water Pipes

These accessories come in a huge variety such as bubblers and bongs. Water pipes are available in a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. The inclusion of water makes them quite sophisticated. The benefits of water addition are a matter of debate.

Hand Pipes

The most popular cannabis smoking devices today, Hand Pipes are preferred for their ease of use, small and portable design. They are available in artistic styles in terms of functionality and decoration. Hand pipes work by trapping the cannabis smoke that is inhaled by the user. 


One of the less common methods for smoking cannabis, hookahs are not generally used to smoke CBD alone. Cannabis is typically sandwiched between tobacco in a hookah and allow multiple people to smoke simultaneously. 

Home-made Devices

This category includes disposable home-made devices made using creativity. A pipe is the most popular home-made cannabis smoking device while more skilled artists create their own water pipe designs. Health effects associated with this method vary depending on the material used.

Rolling Papers

Typically used to smoke blunts or joints, Rolling Papers are traditionally used by cannabis lovers and are as popular as bongs and pipes. Blunts mean cannabis rolled in a cigar paper prepared using tobacco plant and consist of nicotine. Those who consume blunts love the combined flavor and effects of cannabis and nicotine but the medical risks associated with nicotine consumption deter health-conscious users. Joints are the cannabis rolled in paper with varying composition of plants such as hemp, rice and bamboo. 


The ideal choice for a health-conscious cannabis user, vaporizers generally heats up the herb to a temperature perfect to extract CBD, THC and other components of the flower while saving the user from risks associated with combustion. Vaporization saves the user from the health concerns linked to smoking but delivers a reduced odour. Today, a wide variety of vaporizer designs are available in the market that is expanding with the technological advancements.